Be Useful!

Be Useful!

Everything you need to know about digital marketing can be summed up in those two words.

Every Search is a Question…

When someone enters a search query on Google, YouTube (the #2 search engine on the web), or any other search engine, they are asking a question. Your visitor wants answers to that question. Your customer wants a solution to his problem.

How can I be a help to you?

The mission of eVisible Marketing is to help you find your voice, get your message to the world, reach more customers and make more sales.
In order to help you do that, I want to show you HOW to do that.

How are You Helping?

Theodore Levitt was a professor at Harvard Business School, who famously said:

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”

My trusty yellow drill is nearing the end of its life, so I am going to replace it soon. But that replacement is driven by a specific project:

I want to hang a big screen TV on the wall of our Master Bedroom. That drill will enable me to make a hole in just the right spots to pull computer cable down from the attic, through the wall, so that my TV has an internet connection. All while keeping the cable hidden.

Think of all the different “how-to” guides you can make related to just one project like that.

Go the extra mile! Give of your knowledge freely.

Marketing departments talk of ROI, and this is perfectly honorable, not to mention natural. However, for now, don’t think of what you will gain. Think instead of how you can help your potential customers, and…

Be Useful.