Digital Marketing for Your Business

eVisible Marketing is a digital marketing company whose focus is your small business success.

The mission of eVisible Marketing is to help you reach more customers and make more sales.

We accomplish this mission using open source tools and processes that are available to anyone at reasonable cost.

What does that mean, exactly?

  • It means using “off the shelf” tools like WordPress, Google Analytics, CloudFlare, MailChimp and others. These tools enable us to build a web presence that is fast (really fast!), secure, functional, and attractive.
  • It means building a web site that is easy to use, that does not require extensive training, and does not tie you to a single provider.

This web presence is your “digital headquarters.” And like your office, or your physical store, it should be attractive, functional, and well thought-out.

But without your products, your knowledge, and your experience, it is still empty. So most important of all:

It means using this web presence to share your big idea, tell the story of your business, and be useful.

But wait… There’s more!

Setting up a website is the easy part. Once you build the digital infrastructure, you have a platform from which to share your message with the world.

Your content is what makes the magic happen.

Content is what attracts new visitors to your website. It is what keeps current customers coming back to your site. And ultimately, it is your content that converts your visitors into customers.

Whether it is:

  • blogging
    • lists
    • rants
    • how-to-guides
    • industry news
  • infographics
  • memes
  • book reviews
  • eBooks
  • podcasting
  • video
  • white papers
  • or dozens of other options…

And… Whether you share it by email, social media, regular search traffic, paid search, or advertisement,

It’s called Content Marketing

Once your content begins to reach people and you receive a trickle of visitors to your website, keep producing content that will turn that trickle of visitors into a flood. It won’t happen overnight. But steady, regular content will create a loyal following of potential customers.

The Secret of Content Marketing

Here’s the secret of content marketing: Every time someone searches for something on Google, YouTube (the second largest search engine on the web), or any other search engine, they are asking a question.

We help you help your potential customers by giving them the answers for which they are searching. Your website becomes a valuable resource on which they can depend.

Yeah… So what?

Okay, so you’ve got people coming to your website. Do they take action?

What action do you want a new visitor to take? I mean… It’s nice that you are providing them with all this free information, but you have bills to pay, right?

Do you want your visitor to come down to your store and look at your products? …to sign up for your newsletter? …to call and ask about your latest service offering?

When you provide the information that answers the question and become that valuable resource on which she can depend, that potential customer gives you something that you cannot buy: trust.

A good percentage of visitors will often let you continue to contact them with additional relevant information.

You are building a relationship with that visitor. Good relationships make loyal customers.

How I can help you:

You may have noticed my company logo up in the top, left corner of this page (pretty, isn’t it? ;-) ). Those descriptors are part of a unified whole, where the sum is greater than the parts: Web. Content. SEO. Social.

  • Not just a Web presence – domain name, DNS, hosting, WordPress, plugins, etc.
  • Not just your Content – blogging, podcasting, email, video, etc.
  • Not just SEO – Search Engine Optimization, site structure, page speed, etc.
  • Not just Social media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

We help you reach more customers and make more sales by sharing your big idea, telling your story, and enabling you to BE USEFUL by answering your visitors’ questions and meeting their needs.

Content Marketing is the big picture.

A little about me:

My name is Ron Jones. I have a passion for helping people and I love my work.

Early on, I planned to take my finance degree and work at a Fortune 500 or a big bank. But the Marine Corps Infantry instilled within me a desire to accomplish the mission, rather than have endless meetings about the mission.

Since then, I have been able to work at boutique I.T. consulting firms, from California to Georgia. This experience gave me an understanding of, and a passion for, the Small Business owner.

Now, I live in Lawrenceville, Georgia with my wife, Jennifer, and two wonderful children, Nicholas and Georgia.

I work both in my home office and at various local purveyors of fine coffees. As well as traveling to my client’s offices in order to work closely with the people there. Wherever there may be.

Please contact me with any questions you have about things such as:

  • “I want a web site that gets more customers, can you help me?”
  • “My existing web site doesn’t seem to be doing much, can you help me?”
  • “I’m getting inquiries, but I want to bounce some ideas off you and see if there are any areas where my site can be improved.”
  • “I have decided to go with Provider ‘X’ and I’m secure in that decision, but I want to make sure I’m asking the right questions.”
  • “I’m just starting out, and don’t have the budget to outsource yet, can you suggest some resources that will help me DIY it?”

Want to hire me, or contact me for questions about digital marketing? Get in touch, and I will respond within one business day.


Ron Jones